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1       Press clutch to floor with your left foot


2       Select first gear


3       Press accelerator very lightly. The engine should hum.  


4       Let the clutch up slowly and smoothly until you hear the engine note  

         change. This is the biting point.


5      Keep your foot still at this point.


6      Do your full checks around the car.

        check your mirrors and remember to check the blind area over your

        right shoulder.


7      Ask yourself do I need to signal. If any one needs to know you are

        moving use it. You must not keep the clutch on the biting point for to long.

        If you cannot move off press the clutch down below the bite.

        Do not signal if you are waiting to move off,only use your signal when

        you move. Before you move off ask yourself, if I go will anyone need to slow

        down for me. You must not slow anyone down. 


8      Release your handbrake and at the same time accelerate gently and

        let the clutch come up smoothly. 


9      As you move off remember to drift out from the kerb and check your

        rear view mirror to see what is behind you.


10    Remember if you stall you either came off the clutch to fast or did not



11    When the car is moving let the clutch come all the way up. Do not use

       it as a foot rest. This will damage the clutch.  






                             RIGHT TURN












































































































Left Bay


Stop your car about one cars width from bays.





Engage reverse gear.





Set gas.




Check all around and move very slowly.











Find a reference point in rear side window.







Turn wheel quickly to full left lock.







Remember to check over right to make sure it is safe to turn.














Another view of bays through left front door.









































Car should end up in bay



























Reverse back until your mirror is on the front line.


Open your door to check your position in the bay.



If you are not in bay pull forward and adjust position.



Remember to keep looking all around your car at all times.



Good control is to move your car slowly. 




















South Shields Driving Test Car Park












   2              3              4




Read the road ahead.             Plan your speed and position.       


Use your inside mirror.           What is following me.


Use right door mirror.             Is anyone overtaking.


Signal right.                         Tell people your intentions.


Position car towards centre line.































Use end of wiper to gauge road position. Wiper on  centre line.

















Just before junction press clutch to floor.


Roll into first gear.


Check traffic both sides and decide if you can see enough


to join main road.


If you  need to stop use mirror as reference point for front of car.


Before you commit yourself check right door mirror again.


When you go make sure you do not slow the traffic you are crossing or